Actions speak louder then words!

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1. I have read your favorite book six times since we broke up. The ending is stupid and cliche. It hurts more every time I read it.

2. My mother stopped by today. She asked me why all the plants are dead.

3. I was shaking so hard I spilled coffee down my shirt. It burned my chest but not as much as you do.

4. I can’t breathe. I don’t really want to anymore anyway.

5. I’ve stopped writing. My new favorite hobby is tearing myself apart.

6. I feel knives in my chest when you speak.

7. I was supposed to go to dinner with my best friend but I couldn’t get out of bed. People keep telling me they miss me. I wish I had it in me to miss them back.

8. Sometimes I still feel you. Those are the nights when I choke on vodka and drag razor blades across the spots you liked to touch me.

9. I saw you walking down the street and I swear I could hear my ribs crack.

10. I keep telling my father that I’m fine but he doesn’t believe me.

11. There’s a hole in my chest where you used to be.

12. Maybe all the stars in the sky are dead.

13. It’s so fucking terrifying the way love still lingers in your bones even after it disappears from the air.

14. When I was little I was scared of dying. Now I’m only afraid of missing you forever.

15. I should probably stop smoking. I should probably stop drinking. I should probably stop crying when someone says your name. I should probably stop leaving the back door unlocked incase you come home.


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Me on my period

Uterus: Oh, so, no baby?
Uterus: Okay
Me: No -
Vagina: *unleashes red sea*
Pad: I'm not cleaning that up.
Ovaries: Oh, our turn? My bad, here~
Cramps: Howdy
Junk Food: Don't listen to the cramps, you do want us
Chocolate: No me
Acne: Wow, this face looks like a great spot to settle down
Vagina: I can do better, hold up
Vagina: *Niagara Falls*
Pad: You still missed.
Lower Back: Whoa, am I late? Haha, hope you don't plan on sitting in this position too long.
Cramps: *sings the Ave Maria*
Me: *dead*